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Bath toys for babies, infants & toddlers

Baby’s bath time can be a tense experience for the parents. As time progresses, the baby will start loving bath time as it is both enjoying and relaxing for the baby. To help you have a great bonding time with your baby, we have curated a list of various baby bath toys that are designed to help you enjoy giving bath to your baby. 

1. Bath time bubble maker - Baby bath toys

These toys are best of both worlds. The bubbles will keep your baby occupied and the sing along songs will entertain and delight the baby during bath time. These baby bath toys are easy to install, lets you choose your own soap and is water resistant. Below are the list of bath time bubble maker for an amazing baby bath.

baby shark
WowWee Pinkfong Baby Shark Official

Based on the Baby Shark global song sensation! Officially licensed product for Nickelodeon and Pinkfong. This cute and colorful Baby Shark bath toy blows bubbles and plays the Baby Shark Song to entertain and delight children during bath time. This adorable bath time friend is kid-safe and encourages imagination, curiosity, and fine motor skills.

This is a very popular product and is often sold out. Hurry Up now to buy this product. What can we say, kids love baby shark and baby shark toys !

LARAH Bath Toy - Bubble Bath
LARAH Bath Toy for Bubble Bath

If you are not one of the lucky one’s to buy the popular baby shark bath toy, we have the next best baby bath toy for you. Larah bubble bath toy is made of baby safe, BPA-free ABS plastic. Equipped with a blowing nozzle, high performance, only need one button, this baby bath toy can blow more than a 1000 bubbles every minute. It also has 12 famous nursery rhymes your toddler can sing along. 

CHUCHIK Crab Bath Toy
CHUCHIK Crab Bath Toy

This cute Octopus baby bath toy will make your kids start looking forward to bathtime, night after night, thanks to this bath bubble maker that plays 24 children’s tunes including “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” and more!

This bath toy is made of baby safe, BPA-free ABS plastic and it’s waterproof battery cover and water-resistant adhesives help keep your baby singing, and playing with the bubbles. This baby bath toy is will make your baby spend hours taking bath.

2. Boat Bath Toys - Baby bath toys

Boat bath toys are proven to stimulate baby’s curiosity about new things and help in better development of their brains. These bath toys also help explores kids’ imagination and develop their hand-eye coordination, motor skills. These bath toys spin around and perform multiple actions that will keep the child occupied and look forward to bath time. 

Rabbit Boat Bath toy
Rabbit Boat Bath Toy

Baby Shark or Baby Rabbit, cute animals are never a bad choice when it comes to bath toys. This Spray bath toy is a cute rabbit shape boat. With just a press of a button this bath toy can automatically rotate and spray water jets. This fun bath toy attracts your toddler’s full attention while taking baths. This bath toy is made of high quality ABS material and the round edge design prevents your baby from getting hurt or scratching while enjoying bath.

Liberty Duck Boat Bath Toy
Liberty Duck Baby Bath Toy

A classic rubber duck (which the babies love !) seated on top of a boat makes for a great bath toy. This boat toy also has 3 different modes for spraying water, which will make your baby’s bath time so much more enjoyable.

Constructed with quality materials, this Duck Boat bath toy can take a beating and will prove to outlive many bumps and collisions.

Spinning Boat with Baby Lion Bath Toy
Spinning Boat with Baby Lion Bath Toy

This bath toy can keep baby happy and attracted by the spin cartoon look and spray gentle water column as it moves. It also comes with squeeze tiny lion bath toy that is perfect size for babies hands and can squeeze to suck water in and spray it out. This will keep the baby’s focus on toy and help you bathe them.

Because the shell is made of sturdy and thick ABS plastic, this boat lion baby bath toy can survive a drop of 4 feet on a hard surface.

There are hundreds of baby toys at Gobabydeals, and we will continue to review all of them. Until then, for the fans of anything baby shark, here are some of the items in our store.

We have a handheld baby shark bubble bath toy, a baby shark bath toy bundle that will make your baby fall in love with basketball. We even have a Pinkfong Baby Shark Music Water Park bath toy, with which let the fun begin! Sing along to the famous baby shark song, and watch Baby Shark swim through the water and see your baby’s eyes glow up.

Baby shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
Baby shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
Baby shark, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo
Baby shark !!!

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